Automatic Wooden Mop Handle Head Threading Machine



Automatic Wooden Mop Handle Head Threading Machine is used to make a screw thread on wood round rod head. This Wooden Rod Threading Machine makes it more convenient to install and screw mop, broom, shovel, farm tools, etc. It can cut all wood rod handle two sides and make the wooden round rod to be standard length to make one side to be thread(screw) and another side to being the round head.




Specification of Broom Wooden Handle Head Threading Machine

Axscrew thread journey 28mm
Working length 800-1300mm/1200-1500mm
Max. screw-pitch 6mm
Min.screw-pitch 3mm
Machine size 2400*1200*1100mm
Machine weight 1100kg
Feeding motor power 0.55kw
Milling alter power 0.75kw
Feeding speed 20-25 sticks/min
Working diameter 18-30mm(or)30-38 mm

Working Video of Wood Broom Handle Head Threading Machine


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